Thursday, July 23, 2009

My 1st Experience Of Donating Blood =P

Hmmm...MMU Red Cresent Society continously organizing a blood donation drive in our campus every 3 month...i had been in the campus for 2 years and i had never join the blood donation drive as i seriously worried about our Government Nurses Quality...hehe...=P

This is my third year in my campus and i FINALLY joined the blood donation drive...What drives me to join huh?? No idea !! Before i decide to donate blood.... i ask opinion from my parents , sister and brother..My mum doesn't really stop me but she like dscourage me to do so (Maybe i think too much).... my sis say i will getting more fat if i donate blood...hmmm....hope it wont happen to me...haha =)

This morning... as usual... went to class early in the morning...haha... I had decided to donate blood today since today is the last day of the donation drive..hehe...after my class..i went to have a brunch with my friend .. i ordered a quite heavy meal as i scare i will have not enough blood later...haha...

One of my best friend in campus , Xiao Yun accompany me to the MPH Extension to register as a blood donor... She is with me throughout the whole process... First, i need to check my blood whether i am lack of iron and the blood group... The nurse poke my finger with a needle ... it is quite painfull as the needle is quite thick.. once the needle poke in my finger... i can saw my blood flowing out...he then take my blood sample for iron test and check my blood group... Haha.. My blood group is B+ ...haha... The pain last for around 20 minutes....arghhh... I try to pretend that i am not scare and nervous on it but Xiao Yun do saw i am nervous....haha... She really understand me alot ... =P

After i am qualified for the first round... i had been send to another test... which is my blood pressure usual...a healthy girl like me always has a nice blood pressure reading...ngek ngek ngek .. I do saw some of the student failed the blood pressure test as their reading is above normal....i think they are too nervous...hehe

After the test... i had been confirmed that i am FIT to donate blood...and maybe is my body is too FIT and Healthy (HAHA), the nurse say i need to donate 450ml blood... OMG.. this is the highest amount that a ppl can donate in one time. (I think) Most of my friend only requested to donate 350ml ..( Should i proud of it ??)

This is the moment where i am really nervous about it... after the nurse issued me a log book , i need to proceed to the place where they take our blood... this time i can feel my heartbeat is faster then normal...haha....i lie on the chair and the nurse started to inject me some kind of anesthetic to reduce my pain... but the time they inject the anesthetic .. OMG ... it is painfull...and tears came out from my eyes... i dun dare to watch the whole process...argh....I am quite lucky to get a professional nurse as she easily found my blood vain(Doctors keep on complaining to me that my blood vain is hard to find)...haha

Dont dare to watch the process !!! haha

When it is Jerry turn , the nurse find difficulties in finding her vain so the nurse poke her twice...(I HATE THAT)Xiao Yun (Unfortunately she is unfit to donate) saw my blood flowing quite fast and around 10 minutes...the blood bag is almost full... WOW...After finish donating the blood .. i need to rest on the chair for 10 minutes . When i walk down from the chair...i can feel i am very tired and fortunately i did not faint...Xiao Yun told me that my face and lips looks so pale...I quickly go and get a cup of MILO to recharge my energy... they do also provide me some food but i dont have the intention to eat..haha... but they give me some supplements (Iron Pill and Folic Acid) to recover my blood...haha...

I am donating my blood ... =)

My blood...haha

AFter donating my blood... i feel numbness on my left hand and seriously until now... i still cant carry heavy things using my left hand and i can feel my left hand has no strength...i hope it will recover tommorrow... i hope it is a normal !!! Pray hard ...

Tonight i need to sleep early as i going back to my secondary school tommorrow morning...haha...Good Nitez !! Sweet Dream !! =)

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